Leveraging Individual Leadership for Collective Progress

This March, a historic 150 Global Mentoring Walks will take place in over 60 countries around the world.  I’m delighted to be participating in the first #globalmentoring walk in Singapore on Friday March 9th, 2018!

Mentoring Walk SG 2018.jpg

The Global Mentoring Walk is a notable initiative taking place on the same day around the world in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

The idea behind the Global Mentoring Walk is straightforward – established and emerging women leaders convene for a walk, during which they share thoughts on various challenges, learn about each-other’s experience and build the mentee-mentor relationship. These women are from diverse walks of life but they are guided by a shared belief:

power expands the moment it is shared

They say to best way to learn a subject is to teach it.  I say the best way to learn from our own experiences, especially mistakes and setbacks, is to share it.  When we share our most difficult experiences, we reflect on the lessons learnt, the quality that was birthed through us,  and often the realization that we are stronger and more compassionate because of those testing times.  The experiences and reflections, lead to...wisdom. And wisdom is a powerful  force for good!

I’m looking forward to connecting with all the wonderful women this friday,  And I’ll be back to share with you more about the walk!  

Jacinta Quah