How We #PressforProgress

What an incredible morning!  ~50 women gathered before 8am on this sunny Friday morning, for the first Global Mentoring Walk in Singapore. 

Each mentor was paired up with 1-2 mentees.  Together, we took an hour long walk around the beautiful Marina Bay.  The mentors met their mentees for the first time.  And we had a diverse representation of mentees from students to early-in-career to seasoned professionals in transition.

Mentoring Walk.png

There are skeptics on the impact of such events on gender equality.  It's true: to move the needle and demonstrate tangible outcomes (such as pay rises, promotions), it takes more than one walk or event.  However, well-organized women's events produce direct, positive outcomes that build momentum for positive change.  The Global Mentoring Walk today was effective for 3 simple reasons:

1. The Power of Connection

People with different background & experiences, came together for a common purpose, #PressforProgress.  Everyone was engaged.  Speaking with each other: asking questions, listening, sharing.  The new connections not only provided visibility and potential access to broader resources.  More importantly, they expanded our perspectives and increased our own resourcefulness.

2. A Sense of Belonging

Meeting others on similar path navigating similar challenges, creates a sense of belonging.  People are reminded that they are not alone (nor the first to be) in their predicament.  There were sharing of strategies to position for bigger role, building leadership presence, handling tough conversations, navigating a major career transition, and learning from the journey of those who have travelled the path.

3. Elevated Optimism

When we are connected with our tribe of people, whose focus is to help one another progress on our professional or personal goals, we see possibilities.  We are more optimistic in achieving our own definition of success. 


I applaud the women & men that made this Walk possible.  We took action, showed up and engaged with one another.  I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to both pay it forward, and learning from this group of fierce change makers.  Let's together #PressforProgress!

Jacinta Quah