Where are you on your 2018 goals?

2018 Goal_Jacinta Quah.jpeg

We're midway through August which means that two-third of the year is already gone.  How are you tracking on your 2018 goals?  A few questions for a quick check-in:

  • What're your top 3 highlights to date?
  • What're your top 3 learnings so far?
  • What're your top 3 goals for the next four months?
  • What're your top 3 stop/start/continue?

Goals, and goal attainment, are always work in progress.  To keep the momentum and finish the year strong & proud, I've found these reminders to be helpful:

We often overestimate what we can accomplish in a day, underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.

It’s never too late

You might be falling behind on certain goals that they are no longer attainable before the year ends.  However, wallowing in the mistakes you've made or the amount of time you've wasted or 'should've', 'could've', are unproductive.  The truth is that it is never too late to begin working on the goals you’ve set.  It's a new day, so get up and get going. 

The 'right time' will never come

Are you waiting for the right time to begin working on your goals?  Accept this now to save yourself precious time & energy down the road: the right time will never come.  Life will always be crazy.  If it's something you will regret not doing a year from now, you know you must start. Commit.  Make time for it.  No more excuses.

Just do it  

The powerful 3 little words.  Any goals worthy of our pursuit is likely to stretch us outside of our comfort zone.  We won't feel fully ready to tackle the challenge.  Learn to take imperfect steps and adapt along the way.  What are the small steps you can start taking?  Break the big goal into key milestones, schedule the activities onto your calendar and follow-through.    

Progress, not perfection  

If you were to start taking one step today, and one step each day consistently for 6 months, where would you be 6 months from now? It's about best effort, daily progress, continuous improvement.  Watch out for fears (of failures, setbacks, judgement) disguise as the need for thorough preparation.  Mistakes are good for learning.  Failures are building blocks to mastery.


Celebrate the small wins along the journey.  These mini-celebrations could serve as valuable reflection time.  Identify the strengths, resources and use more of what's working.  It's also a great way to involve our loved ones (for personal goals) or stakeholders (for business-related goals) in our pursuit and for support. 

Whatever the goal that has been on your mind and in your heart - today is a good day, now is a good time - just start, take the next small step, keep going, have fun along the way.

Jacinta Quah