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The Leadership edge Project (TLEP) Executive Roundtable is here to ask the difficult questions. Leaders that are making an impact in the Asia Pacific region discuss questions that matter to leaders:

  • Do leaders in APAC lag behind their European & US counterparts in talent, pay and reach? If so, why?
  • Attrition. Does it still matter?
  • Are most employment contracts a thing of the past? What does this mean for organizational structure – do they enable or impede?
  • Performance review and rewards? How would you measure success instead of KPI?

Real leaders stare down the abyss of difficult questions: they don’t necessarily have the answers, but they are willingly and able to look for the opportunity for progress.


Get yourself a seat at the next roundtable. Shape the modern face of leadership in Asia. Attendance to this event is by invite only. Nominate yourself or someone else.


  • Leaders with responsibilities across Asia-Pacific/ Global
  • Tangible: With direct responsibility of the business or people, influencing business & human capital strategy
  •  Intangible: Tell us how much do you/they contribute to the development of the entire organization & industry

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