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When everyone is busy reacting, who’s thinking?

*What* an unexpected start to 2020! Like many, I now have a new routine - including checking my daughter’s temperature every morning, logging the reading on the school’s website before sending her on the school bus. Everyone’s lives, schools, travels, supply-chain, to name a few are disrupted with Covid-19.

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How to Delegate Like a Pro with These 4 Steps

As an employee, there’re few things as discouraging as working for a micromanager, who breathes down our necks and suffocates creativity and thinking. On the other hand, as a leader, we’re likely to wonder if we are delegating appropriately and effectively at some point or another.

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Your 5 A's to Create the Career You Want

I recently hosted the webinar “5 Simple Steps to Position Yourself for Promotion”; it was a 30-minute jam-packed, high-energy career advancement webinar attended by ~80 people from 10 different organizations. Here is a summary of the 5-step process.

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How Leading Companies in Asia are Rewriting the HR Playbook

Machines replacing humans is already a present reality for certain jobs. However, World Economic Forum estimated that AI and automation will create 58 million net new jobs by 2022 and some of those job titles haven't even been invented yet. This is an unprecedented shift that demands new workforce strategies to stay ahead.

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4 Non-Negotiable Steps to Build Your Team’s Social Selling Capabilities

I was thrilled to be a part of the Social Selling 2019 conference to share insights on social selling! In my keynote, I shared the 4-Step Process to Build Social Selling Capability in organizations.

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5 Powerful Questions for Leaders to Help Employees Break Through Overwhelm

Blindspots, victimhood, and change resistance; these are challenges that leaders face in every organization. Tell less and ask more; that’s the advice I want to share with leaders looking to help their team grow from those scenarios.

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