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Jacinta speaks on a range of topics designed to create a customized experience and help you drive the change you want to make. The most popular topics include:

Constructively Destructive – The Five Immutable Laws

Defying Gravity – The Future Talent of the East and West

Rethink Communication – How to Achieve More with Less

Own Your Brand.  Change the World.

The Secret Key to Sales Success in The Digital Age

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Constructively Destructive

The 5 Immutable Laws of Cultivating Multidimensional Strategic Thinking™ in the People Who Are Driving Your Digital Transformation Journey

Disrupt or be disrupted – the two choices facing business leaders today.  The risks are real and dramatic.  At the same time, the potential is limitless.

According to the latest PwC Global CEO Survey, for the first time, more than half of CEOs believe the rate of global economic growth will decline. 79% of CEOs say a lack of key skills is threatening their organizations’ growth. In the thousands of companies studied, only 5% are getting moderate or significant payback from their digital efforts.

In this engaging, powerful session, Jacinta will reveal:

Why the current approach to leadership development is not enabling leaders or teams to effectively address disruption

The 3 big roadblocks preventing your teams from operating more strategically

The 5 immutable laws of building strategic-minded teams to lead your digital transformation journey

The 12-point framework to cultivate the next era of leadership and team performance

This session includes hard-hitting data points and insightful real-world case studies. Participants will walk away with practical tools and tactics that they can put into action right away.

DEFYING GRAVITY with Leadership 4.0

By 2050, three out of the world’s top five economies will be in Asia. Increasingly, businesses are looking to Asia to fuel revenue growth, talent needs and most of all, leaders to realize their growth aspiration.

However, leaders in this dynamic region are struggling to:

Balance allowing room for risk taking and learning vs meeting the pressure to deliver immediate results

Find the time to provide feedback and coach their team vs handling daily fire drills

Motivate their team to do more with less while navigating constant change in a highly diverse and complex environment.

The reality is, if you’re too worried about competing, you can’t also be innovating.

In this highly engaging and insightful talk, Jacinta Quah reveals what gives Asia’s highest performing leaders the edge. Specifically:

The crucial leadership shifts to thrive in I4.0

A secret key to generate energy, creativity & optimism

Practical tips to lead your team through change

You’ll leave the session inspired to lead - to translate vision to tangible actions - and making positive impact!

Own Your Brand. Change the World

In this age of digital transformation where markets are being disrupted, jobs being re-written and new roles being created, the job for life is dead.

A powerful Personal Brand is vital to expand your impact and advance your career.

And yet, you may be:

Uncertain about how to increase visibility and exposure inside your organization and industry

Unclear about how to position yourself effectively

Uncomfortable with “self-promotion”

Lacking clear strategies to communicate with authenticity and impact

In this engaging, interactive, and highly practical talk, Jacinta will reveal brand-building strategies employed by some of the world’s most influential leaders to drive results, inspire actions, and advance through complex organizations.

No matter what your career aspirations may be, this session will equip you with immediately useful and relevant skills to develop your authentic personal brand.

Rethink Communication – how to achieve more with less

Effective communication skills are vital to getting more done, winning support, and expanding your influence.

And yet, you may be struggling to:

Secure mindshare of key stakeholders given the competing priorities

Win their support, focus and time to follow through on strategic initiatives

Reach critical alignment and decision-making

Get any real work done during the day with the endless meetings and emails

In this time of rapid change with digital permeating every area of our lives, we must transform the way we communicate to create impact.

Rethink Communication challenges the status quo of the modern workplace.

You’ll be equipped with:

Effective tools to improve collaboration

Practical tips to promote engagement

Actionable strategies to harness conflicting views to create alignment and the ultimate teamwork.

The Secret Key to Sales Success in the Digital Age

The best leaders know that Social Selling is one of the biggest communication shifts of our time.

With technology advances, the modern buyers are more informed and more sophisticated than ever. Social media is now a significant part of the purchase process; be it for the consumers or businesses.

If you are not actively engaged in social selling, you are not showing up in that social purchase research: you are missing out on plenty of sales opportunities.

To be successful in Social Selling, it requires a fundamental organizational shift in philosophy, operating principles, structure, and behavior. It requires the leaders to nurture and enable a social selling culture.

In the masterclass, Jacinta will take the audience through the powerful four-step process to build the organization’s social selling capability, and the four crucial leadership mindset shifts for impactful implementation.  

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A Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Jacinta helps leaders move successfully from fatigue and burnout, to peak productivity and energy, maximizing their performance and potential.  

With a comprehensive portfolio of coaching qualifications and corporate leadership experience, Jacinta Quah is a veteran of the technology industry, having spent over 20 years building and managing geographically diverse teams inside some of the world’s biggest and most successful tech companies.

She has held strategic and leadership roles from Sales to Services Delivery and Operations, and witnessed first-hand how team performance and individual excellence drives tangible business results.

Jacinta traveled extensively from developed to emerging markets, lived in Shanghai, Toronto, Penang and Singapore. She is known as a creative, versatile and resilient leader who delivers results consistently. She has a unique ability to connect authentically with a rich spectrum of people, to make a positive impact.

Jacinta specializes in coaching high performing leaders and teams to maximize excellence, results, potential and well-being. She blends her rich corporate experience with holistic wellness in an approach that is simple, effective and practical.

Jacinta is a Certified Solutions-Focused Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Change Management Practitioner andCertified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC). She is also a Certified Executive Coach and Certified TEAM Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

about jacinta

Jacinta is a genuine speaker with her insights coming to surface in her soft but very powerful communications style. She would get her points across in a relevant manner by supplying compelling reasons and most importantly emphasizing on the why.  Jacinta captures the hearts and minds with her warm style, leaving the audience with clear understanding of topic connected to their own rationale.

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