The leadership Edge Project

A Qualitative Study on redefining success in leadership.

By 2050, three out of the world’s top five economies will be in Asia.

More and more businesses are looking to Asia to fuel both revenue growth and talent needs. We are seeing a rise of new centers of gravity for businesses in multiple different cities around the world.

  • Are businesses ready to thrive in our increasing globalized world of order?  

  • Are Western “global” companies equipped to attract, develop and mobilize the best talents in this highly distributed and complex region?  

  • Are Asian “global” companies adequately investing in their leadership readiness to scale?  

  • Are the definition and measurement of strong leadership, approaches to leadership development and decision-making, fit for this highly disruptive era?



A qualitative study

50 top leaders share what it takes to make the market in the age of digital disruption.


This groundbreaking analysis aims to synthesize the key trends and success factors impacting leaders.

What are the implications of digitization and Industry 4.0 on your organization?

How do you effectively lead today’s multi-generational workforce?

Can your organization quickly seize market opportunities and respond to disruption in today’s rapidly-shifting competitive landscape? If so, how?

How do you sustain your leadership edge in our hyperconnected, always-on world?



Senior leaders with responsibilities in the AsiaPacific region, influencing business & human capital strategy

Tech industry  (including IT, Hardware/Software, Consulting Services)

Highly tech-enabled companies in non-traditional IT industries

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50 x one-on-one interviews

A series of exclusive, by-invitation only Executive Roundtables to discuss, debate, and co-create meaningful solutions with some of Asia’s Most Influential Leaders

We are creating waves with a new breed of leaders who are creative, competent, influential, and also healthy, joyful and kind.

These energetic, capable, and enlightened leaders will positively impact a large number of people everyday. Our vision is to make well-being and love a foundational part of leadership.

What to expect

The study results are being published quarterly as Insights Articles.

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