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You are ready to raise your game.  You know you have so much more to offer and deserve more.  But you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or even losing your mojo.

You are looking for one-to-one personalized support to help you:

  • Gain clarity on your vision
  • Devise step-by step plan
  • Deploy the right tools, strategies
  • Hold you accountable and progressing
  • Speed your time to results and impact

We offer a range of coaching packages.

 Most coaching packages includes the following:

  • Assessments

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • 1:1 coaching sessions

To explore which coaching package is right for you,

Apply for a free 30-minute discovery session with me.  During this powerful session, we’ll: 

  • Get clear on your big vision

  • Set the right goals for yourself

  • Identify your best next moves

You’ll leave the session with a renewed energy to lead and succeed.

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Consulting and Workshop



Digital disruption is not just changing the way business is done.  It is also fundamentally rewriting the social contract between organizations and their employees, and how people collaborate, create and deliver value.

Your teams are more global and distributed.  Organizational restructuring is a norm to align existing capabilities, integrate new talents to drive continuous growth .  Work responsibilities are more fluid than ever, requiring critical thinking, sound judgement and creativity at every level.

Leadership alignment and cultural intelligence are crucial ingredients to land any new strategies.  Without these, even the best strategy will be DOA (dead on arrival).  At the foundation, personal energy management is key to sustained peak performance in today's world.

What is the purpose, outcome and culture you want to create?  

Let's discuss how we can get there.




New leader assimilation / transition


Leadership alignment and development


C-suite engagement and influence strategies


Resilience in the Digital Era


Embracing change and harnessing conflicts


To learn more about how we can work together,

book a complimentary strategy session.





Looking for an outside in view for your leadership off-sites or events?

Let us help you design a custom experience that will catalyst the change you are leading.  Jacinta speaks on a range of topics.  Most popular talks include:

  • Own Your Brand

  • Rethink Communication

  • The Healthy Workplace

  • Secrets Of The Modern Leader

  • 3X Your Sales By Not Selling At All

Book a complimentary strategy session with me.